Tirupati Tour Package Operator Near Central Railway Station Can Make Your Trip Affordable

India is a land of spirituality and it has numerous spiritual destinations located all over the country. The aura and serenity of these divine destinations touch and purify the inner soul of the devotees. To acquire a deep understanding of spirituality, visiting religious places plays an important role. Tirupati is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India. Thousands of devotees gather in this holy temple of Tirumala Hills daily to get a darshan of the divine Lord Balaji. For making your traveling easy and comfortable, you can hire a Tirupati tour package operator near central railway station. There are many tours and travel agencies who offer tour packages at an affordable rate. If you wish to visit this temple you should contact these travel agencies for booking your Tirupati tour package.

Spiritual Significance of The Temple

The divine destination of Tirupati is considered as the spiritual capital of Andhra Pradesh. The temple devoted to Lord Venkateshwara and he is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hence, the place is referred to as the Vaikuntham on Earth. The temple carries special significance in terms of archeology and history. The temple was constructed starting from a period of 300 A.D and is one of the Vishnu Swayanbhu Khestra. It is said that all the major dynasties ruling over southern India used to take immense interest in paying homage to the sacred shrine of Lord Balaji. Such as the Cholas of Tanjore, Pallavas of Kanchipuram, the Pandyas of Madurai and the rulers of Vijaynagar. The temple has a unique collection of about 3000 copper plates on which the Telegu Sankirtanas are inscribed. As well as inscriptions of historical, cultural and linguistic significance are depicted in the walls of the temple. Several myths and legends portray the highly sacred and antique nature of the temple. The temple is perhaps the richest temple in the world considering the amount of donations and contributions received from people all over the world.

Benefits of Package Tour

Being an important pilgrimage site, Tirupati is well connected to all major Indian cities. The nearest railway station Ranigunta is 15 km from the town. You can hire a Tirupati tour package operator near central railway station for your visit to the sacxred temple of Lord Balaji. These travel operators serve their clients in every possible way by making travel booking as well as arranging hotel accommodations. Vela Travels is one of the renowned names in this field. With years of experience, they provide quality service and have many satisfied customers in and around Chennai. They provide clean and well-maintained cars of various make and model. You may select a tour package according to your budget and the number of days you would spend on the trip.

To make your Darshan to the temple hassle-free and memorable, call Vela Travels now and book your dates.